CIO: A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is an executive that oversees the information technology (IT) needs of a company, cios are a crucial part of an enterprise’s digital transformation, the  chief information officer (CIO) is the corporate executive in charge of IT strategy and implementation,

In addition to overseeing the hardware, software and data that helps other members of the C-suite do their jobs effectively. The CIO must research new technologies & strategize how technology can provide business value and address the risks associated with digital information, CIO  creates face-to-face conferences and events that attract IT’s best and brightest ARM PROVIDES BEST CIO .


  • A CIO is responsible for managing and successfully implementing the information of a company
  • The role of a CIO has increased in popularity and importance.
  • A CIO must be agile, responding quickly to trends, changes, and the needs of the organization.

“We have been associated with ARM events for the past 4 years and it has been a highly productive association. We have seen the ARM events team grow into an extremely professional and dedicated group of young minds. having these guys on board is extremely reassuring and she really helps in getting closer to the expected results. We wish ARM all the very best for their bright future.”

Shabi Syed Hussain

Head of Events, IDC India

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